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Predictive Maintenance (PDM) Expert - RotorVIEW MCM

  The RotorVIEW system which based on the principle of real-time data processing technology, vibration fault diagnosis technology and proprietary intelligent recognition technology is expert of building large-scale distributed machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. The system is the new standard in the industry. The system is based on a 24bit A / D high precision OnlineDAQ series hardware to acquire dynamic signals and static real-time signals. The system can fininsh online monitoring tasks, such as vibration, displacement, flow, temperature, and power, and real-time data processing, programmable alarms notification, data management, signal analysis, fault diagnosis and failure prediction. The system can help the user to provide the reliability of the machine running, save maintenance costs. The applications of RotorVIEW show that the RotorVIEW is an effective tool for the implementation of predictive maintenance.  RotorVIEW features as following :

  •  Intelligent monitoring system

 Beside the traditional spectrum-related knowledge, RotorVIEW also have patented intelligent recognition technology to process fault diagnosis. It can automatically learn from the fault, and the establishment of the mathematical model as fault model, and then the system can recognize failure intelligently .

  • The system of the highest ROI 

  The features of modular product design, network implementation framework, scaling price on the user's budget, reasonable product configuration, multi-channel hardware solutions, help users easily realize machinery monitoring and diagnostic analysis to maximize value. Applications show that the, RotorVIEW if the highest of Cost-effective and ROI. 

  •  The localization support capacity

RotorVIEW is high-tech contributed by FudanUniversity and HQSignal. The HQSignal has local team to develop and support the MCM system in a timely and effectively way. The training and technical support services can be done to help users to solve practical problems.


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