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Modal Testing Solutions


ModalVIEW modal testing solution scheme is a standard platform for modal analysis and test. It can help users to finish dynamic tests in mechanical and civil structure easily, so it is widely used to verify FEM model, design and optimize engineering structure, detect malfunction and monitor the health condition. With excellent stability, compatibility and extensibility, ModalVIEW also has changeable testing channels from 4 to beyond 1000 and a 24bit synchronous data acquisition technology. So ModalVIEW is your ideal platform to do vibrating and sound test.

Function module:

  •  ODS in both time and frequency domain
  •  Experimental modal analysis(EMA)
  •  Operational modal analysis(OMA)

Configuration plan:

ModalVIEW modal testing solution scheme is constituted by ModalVIEW--- the  modal analysis software platform , acquisition hardware NI DSA, sensors and excitation devices, etc. According to the types of bus line, there are three configuration plans prepared for the users, they are: portable, economical and professional. So the users can choose the proper plan according to the structural characteristic and  their budget.


  • Modal analysis function includes basic modal analysis and advanced modal analysis. Both of the results are accurate enough. Advanced modal analysis function can identify the closely spaced modes and has a strong ability to analyze contaminated data. It is commonly used in large damping identification cases.
  • It contains complete modal testing solution scheme, including:ODS、experimental modal analysis(EMA) and operational (OMA).
  • With National Instruments DSA hardware used to acquire data, ModalView has a stable and credible performance.
  • A open software. Users can develop their own algorithms and embed them into the software.
  • Flexible system configuration,Users can choose the hardware and software according to their needs.
  • It can do modal analysis of extreme large scales.It also can expand to thousands of channels.

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