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Accelerometer HA 0701

HA07series piezoelectric acceleration sensor contains micro-IC-integrated circuit amplifier.It requires constant current source power supply in working condition. Sub-category  sensor is also known as the ICP sensor. All NI DSA series  provide constant current sourceand can switch through software settings. With traditional piezoelectric acceleration sensors and charge amplifier set in one, NI DSA series can  be connected to the recording and display equipment directlywhich simplifies testing system and improves testing accuracy and reliability.

 Its outstanding characteristics are as follow:

  • Low-impedance output, anti-interference, low noise;
  • High cost performance, easy installation, especially suitable for multi-point measurement;
  • Stable and reliable, anti-moisture, anti-dust, anti-harmful gases;
  • Sensitivity100mV/g
  • Range50g
  • Frequency range0.5-8000Hz±10%)
  • Installing resonant points:30kHz
  • Resolution0.0002g
  • Mass8gm
  • Installed threadM5 or glued
  • Linearity≤1%
  • Transverse Sensitivity≤5% typical figure≤3%
  • Output voltage8-12VDC
  • Constant current2-20mA  typical figure4mA

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