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Based on the most popular PXI bus line around the world, Professional modal analysis system is designed to finish large-scale structural tests. It can be widely used both in fields and various laboratories, such as automobile laboratories, aviation and space laboratories. The system uses PXI4498 device to collect data and synchronizes in a star-type modewhich ensures synchronous data collected correctly from multi-channel, and the precision is up to 0.1 degree. The modularized devices are convenient to extend. One crate can connect to 272 channels, and different crates can synchronize automatically.PXI Express bus line technology ensure that massive real-time data can be transferred synchronously, thus finish multi-channel dynamic characteristics tests well. This model has a excellent channel-extended characteristic.


Main technical specifications

  • 24bit DA converting accuracy;
  • 113dB dynamic range;
  • 204.8 kS/s highest sampling rate;
  • Multi-channel parallel, AC coupling0.5Hzor DC coupling mode optional for each channel;
  • IIEPE software is free to adjust;(applied to accelerometer and microphone;
  • Anti-aliasing filter;
  • Continuous and triggered measurement modes;
  • Real-time calculation of power spectrum, PSD, FRF, etc;
  • Modal analysis, both SIMO and MIMO are supported;
  • OMA, Modal analysis to the structure under environmental excitation;
  • ODS animation function;
  • Analysis of the mode shape;
  • Generation of the modal test report;
  • Customized features;

Application examples

Automobile, bridge, off shore platform and some other large-scale structures.


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