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 Based on NI PCI-4472 sampling device and constituted by PCI bus line together with a industrial control computer, the Economical modal analysis system can do dynamic tests with channel optional from 8~64. Therefore, Economical system owns a high performance-cost ratio. 


Main Technical specifications 

  • 864 channels optional;
  • Parallel sampling, the most sampling rate of each channel is 51.2ks/s; 
  • 24bit DA converting accuracy;
  • 110dB dynamic range;
  • IIEPE software is free to adjust;(applied to accelerometer and microphone;
  • AC coupling0.5Hzor DC coupling mode can be choosed;
  • 25Khz bandwidth;
  • USB 2.0 supported;
  • Anti-aliasing filter;
  • Real-time data acquisition and analysis;
  • Continuous and triggered measurement modes;
  • Real-time calculation of power spectrum, PSD, FRF, etc;
  • Modal analysis, both SIMO and MIMO are supported;
  • OMA, Modal analysis to the structure under environmental excitation;
  • ODS animation function;
  • Analysis to the mode shape;
  • Generation of the modal test reports;
  • Customized features;

Application examples


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