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Based on NI 9234 and USB-type, the portable vibrating modal analysis system is constituted by CompactDAQ. With the cabinet and portable characteristics, the system can help the users to finish dynamic testing task rapidly and accurately. It is mainly used to test small-size structure with a lot of function modules, including: data acquisition, signal processing, frequency response function estimate, three-dimensional modeling, ODS, modal analysis, analysis of mode shape as well as report generation. We believe that with portable modal analysis system, you will find your testing task much more easier.


Main technical specifications

  • 432 channels optional;
  • Parallel sampling, the most sampling rate of each channel is 51.2ks/s;
  • 24bit DA converting accuracy;
  • 102dB dynamic range;
  • IEPE software is free to adjust;(applied to accelerometer and microphone
  • AC coupling0.5Hzor DC coupling mode can be chosen;
  • 25Khz bandwidth;
  • USB 2.0 supported;
  • Programming supported anti-aliasing filter;
  • Real-time data acquisition and analysis;
  • Continuous and triggered measurement modes; 
  • Real-time calculation of power spectrum, PSD, FRF, etc;
  • Modal analysis, both SIMO and MIMO are supported;
  • OMA, Modal analysis to the structure under environmental excitation;   
  • ODS animation function;
  • Analysis to the mode shape;
  • Generation of the modal test report;
Application examples
Small-size structure, such as: Plate, clamp,saw-blade and so on. Concrete scheme can be arranged according to the very need of the use.


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