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RotorVIEW MCM Center

The HQSignal online machine condition monitoring (MCM) equipment OnlineDAQ hardware is the core part of the RotorVIEW monitoring and fault diagnosis system. With the RotorVIEW software, the hardware OnlineDAQ can achieve a 24-hour online monitoring of the machine, and  push the data to the database server at some regular schedule, and at the same time notify alarms if necessary. When the machine is in abnormal operating status, the abnormal state of alarm can be early detected, analyed, diagnosed and to find the potential faults, thereby avoiding unplanned downtime and effectively to ensure the reliability and stability of the machine running. The target devices of monitoring include fans, motors, bearings, turbine, gear boxes, pumps, compressors, etc.. The main features are as follows:

can be fixed to the wall or placed in a standard cabinet (19 inches)

4-32 Dynamic acquisition or DC analog input channels, two digital input channels

High precision 24 A / D converter

Rich indicator information

Relay driver

Intelligent design suitable for various types of sensors and standard automated signal access


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