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Online monitoring and fault diagnosis software RotorVIEW with OnlineDAQ hardware constitute a complete set of powerful distributed online monitoring and fault diagnosis system. RotorVIEW software helps create the test schedule, alarming mode and the Online Manager reads these configuration information and control the OnlineDAQ hardware starting work. Powerful analysis capabilities of RotorVIEW software help you find the equipment potential faults make reasonable arrangements for parking maintenance of guidance for the user. The RotorVIEW software has advanced algorithms to make sure precision of analysis, powerful measurement and analysis functions, and the operation is simple to use. At the same time, the ISO standards and fault learning engine assure that the failure can be found in the early states. RotorVIEW characteristics as following:


MySQL database architecture, ODBC-compliant.

fault diagnosis rules of common failure mode make fault diagnosis ease.

patented fault identification technology: Intelligent learning mode and fault diagnosis center make unconventional fault recognition successfully with a rate of over 95%.

Integrated bearings search engine of more than 30,000 models.

CS / BS architecture, compatible with the user's local network, but also can be accessed remotely.

suitable for large-scale factory architecture management.

compatible with ISO10816 international standards.

trend of data helps easily trend the future condition evolution.

band alarm, numerical alarm, and color expressing the machine state.

the unique fault prediction function, providing time reference information for predictive maintenance.

alarm state can drive the switching action.

support sort of notifications like Email alarm, SMS alarm, sound and light alarm.

Automated data management, make the database stored in the normal space size.

support English/Chinese version.


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