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ModalVIEW software


 ModalVIEW  is a standard software platform for modal testing. With NI(National Instruments) DSA (dynamic signal acquisition) hardware combined, ModalVIEW software platform can easily finish a whole testing task.   The complete process contains a lot of steps.  They are: data acquisition, signal processing, FRF estimate,  three-dimensional modeling, ODS, modal analysis, modalshape analysis and reports generation.

The interface of ModalVIEW software is open , so you can use LabVIEW or other programming platform to compile your own modal analysis algorithms and embed them into ModalView software.
With high precision and accurate synchronization characteristic, The data acquisition hardware also supports trigger function and owns IEPE simulation. It is widely used in sound and vibrating testing area. It can be your ideal choice to finish modal analysis. ModalVIEW software connects seamlessly with data acquisition hardware and is a “plug and play” device. Users don’t need to do any programming work but they can finish a synchronized acquisition work with sampling channel from several to over one thousand.  


ModalVIEWTM characteristics 


  1. The system is open, therefore the users can program their own algorithms and embed them into  the systemthence secondary development.
  2. Containing the main algorithms in the vibrating and modal analysis fields nowadays, the software holds a good performance, which can  be compared to the similar products abroad.
  3. ModalVIEW realizes seamless connections with high-speed dynamic acquisition hardware, thence a good reliability and expansibility.
  4. With an extension to hundreds of channels, experiments of extreme large scale are also supported.
  5. The software can be customized according to users’ needs. 
  6. The interface is sociable and easy to operate.

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